When Is The Right Time To Take Retirement?

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There certainly isn’t a hard and fast age for retirement that makes sense for everyone. When it comes down to it, finding the right time to retire is a combination of your values, interests and financial planning. Retirement living communities often top the list of considerations for retirement life as they allow you to combine your living arrangements, a social network and options for additional health and wellness support.

However, before you start touring retirement communities or retirement homes in Oakville, you really need to spend some time thinking about when you’d like to retire and determining the type of retirement lifestyle you want. Taking an active approach to planning can often result in being able to retire earlier than you thought, or at least being able to formulate a concrete plan so that you know the retirement date you are aiming for.

Figuring Out What Retirement Means To You

Would you choose to downsize your lifestyle if it meant you could retire earlier? Or would you rather work a few more years so that you can maintain a higher standard of living, even in retirement? It comes down to what sounds ideal for you.

It would be very nice if someone was able to provide a simple answer as to when you should retire and the funds you’ll need, but you really need to work through your individual budget and expectations on your own. If you’re looking for guidance, it may make sense to meet with a financial planner that you feel comfortable with to help calculate the amount that you likely need to afford your desired retirement.

For those thinking retirement living communities may be a part of their plan, here’s what you should take into account when trying to decide on the right community:

  • What size suite would be right for your needs? Do you still want to cook?
  • What are the costs and options for different meal plans? Can you bring guests into the dining room?
  • Do different retirement homes offer different levels of support? If so, what is the difference in cost?
  • What type of activities is available in different retirement communities? If you reach out and connect with retirement homes in Oakville make sure you get a sample of what their recreation and leisure schedule looks like to see if it matches your interests and hobbies.

As you start to really think about retirement, see if it’s possible to put some plans into action to help you move towards your final retirement vision. For example, is it possible to go down to working part-time before you retire completely? No matter when you officially retire, recognize that it is a major life change and will require a significant adjustment period. However, the more time you spend preparing and planning for retirement, the more likely you’ll feel confident in your decisions.

Queens Avenue Retirement Residence Makes Balanced Retirement Possible

Queens Avenue Retirement Residence offers a balanced approach to retirement. We offer our residence the independence they crave while still helping to support their health and wellness needs through our programs and services. We invite you to set up a tour and to meet with us to find out why our retirement community may be just what you are looking for. Contact us today.

How To Talk To Your Parents About Retirement Communities

Retirement Communities

If you feel like it may be time for your parents to consider retirement communities in Oakville as part of their next phase of life, you need to have a plan before you approach them about it. While you may have their best interests at heart, understand that the prospect of moving to a senior independent residence can be a difficult and emotional choice.

Moving to a retirement community requires a change in everyday lifestyle, remember that your parents will have to sort through and pack up the place that they have called home for a large portion of their life. Improving their safety and quality of living are wonderful things offered by retirement communities, however, a shift in their mindset will be required and it may take time.

Tips For Knowing How To Start

Talking to your parents about a transition to a senior independent residence can be challenging. First and foremost, make sure you are being respectful and avoid being pushy. Try to imagine yourself having this same conversation with your own children when the time comes. In addition, you may be surprised at what the most important issues are for them, so be ready to keep an open mind.

The most significant thing you and your family can do is to just start the conversation, and start it early.  It’s best not to leave it to the point where your parent’s safety is a big concern. Being open with them helps empower them with this decision. If you are not sure about the best approach, here are a few ways that can be helpful.

  1. Ask about their home upkeep and maintenance. Are they feeling overwhelmed about the upkeep of their house? From landscaping to minor repairs, see if they are open to getting help in these areas and how they feel about it. You may be surprised to hear that they enjoy taking care of these tasks or how ready they are to release the burden.
  • Inquire about cooking and meal time. Do they find it easy to cook for just one or two people? Do they mention how nice it would be to not have to cook for themselves? Find out how often they get to the grocery store and if they are able to have healthy foods at home each week. Are they happy to continue preparing all their own meals at home?
  • Be open about your own retirement planning. This can be a great introduction to broach a new subject. As you discuss what your own visions for retirement might be, it’s a great time to ask them what they want and how they feel about retirement communities. This type of open discussion tends to be much more welcome than making it an acute conversation telling them what you think about what is next for them.
  • Ask them what is making them happy these days. Find out if they are still able to get out and see their friends and participate in the community. Are there things they’d like to do but find it difficult? Are there still new interests and hobbies they’d like to pursue but aren’t sure how? This is a great way to positively frame the social benefits that come with living in a senior independent residence.

A Senior Independent Residence Can Help Seniors Thrive

We invite you and your parents to tour Queens Avenue Retirement Residence in Oakville to learn more about all we have to offer, from dining options to health and wellness services, and engagement opportunities.  This can be an excellent first step in helping seniors see firsthand all the positives available and that retirement communities can help them build a robust and rewarding life! Ready to learn more? Contact us

How Assisted Living Makes An Impact On Social Life

Senior Living in Oakville

There are many reasons why assisted living in Oakville could be the best option for you or your loved one. Queens Avenue Retirement can offer seniors more opportunities to learn and explore than they may get at home, all while in a worry-free environment. One of the top draws for many tends to be a renewed and revitalized social life. In addition to easily accessible medical care and overall support for every resident’s health and wellness, seniors who reside in assisted living communities can enjoy a wide range of social activities and experiences, all while preserving their independence.

Senior living in Oakville can be the best intermediate step for those who may not be comfortable living alone, but who don’t require constant medical support. Social support for seniors can often be overlooked, but in reality, it is an essential component related to positive mental health, which in turn, supports physical health.

Why A Healthy Social Life Matters For Oakville Seniors

When deciding on whether or not moving into assisted living in Oakville is the right option, don’t forget to consider the positive social benefits that one can experience. Queens Avenue Retirement Residence boasts a robust social calendar each month and knows that this is just one of the reasons our residents enjoy our community.

Keep reading to discover four ways that seniors living in Oakville can impact the social health of your loved ones.

1. Regular access to physical activity.

From group exercise classes to daily walks, assisted living communities to make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for physical fitness. Not only does this provide situations to be social and make new friends, but when you are physically feeling good, you are more apt to try new things like reaching out and engaging with others.

3. Help with daily living and housekeeping.

When seniors get the support they need for everyday tasks, they will have more time and energy to spend doing recreational activities. It can be overwhelming to manage the upkeep of a home on your own or to arrange your own transportation to appointments and activities. With the support of an assisted living community, seniors can relieve themselves of this stress and focus on fun and engagement.

3. Increased intellectual stimulation.

Senior living presents opportunities to learn many new things and do so surrounded by friends, without having to decide on your own. This means having a wide variety of various activities that allow them to pursue new hobbies, take art classes, or join a book club or a gardening club.

4. Opportunities to make new friends.

Assisted living in Oakville presents residents with many opportunities where they can easily socialize with peers in common areas, at mealtimes, and through planned activities such as seasonal events and field trips.

Stay Social At Queens Avenue Retirement Residence In Oakville

If you are considering senior living in Oakville, we encourage you to reach out and contact us. At Queens Avenue Retirement Residence, we are dedicated to providing a balanced retirement lifestyle that supports a sense of community as well as a high level of social engagement. We truly want you to make the most of your retirement and work hard to provide a complete recreation and leisure schedule that provides social opportunities we offer our residents. We welcome you to come and visit us, please schedule a tour to learn more about our community.