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Assisted Living in Oakville, Ontario

As a key part of our Live Balanced, Live Better philosophy, our Assisted Living Program is dedicated to promoting your mental and physical wellbeing, and to taking the stress out of your health maintenance. We feel that the best way to do this is by offering a mix of included services and optional care packages so that we can easily cater to our long-term care programs in Oakville to your specific needs and individual concerns. Not only does this ensure that flexibility and responsiveness are built directly into the program, but along with our commitment to building a personal relationship with each resident, it creates a strong bond and sense of trust between our staff, yourself, and your loved ones.

Oakville's Best Long-Term Care Home - Services We Offer:

  • Medication Supervision
  • Long-term care 
  • Shower Programs
  • Escort and Ambulation Program
  • Meal Tray – Room Services Programs
  • Personal Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Programs
  • Semi-Annual Care Plan Assessments

Medical services included in your monthly fee:

  • Assistance in coordinating additional medical and placement services
  • Emergency response pendants
  • Resident status checks
  • Semi-Annual plan assessments
  • Coordination of visiting specialists

In addition to the included services, to cater to your individual needs and ensure that we can adapt with you as your health requirements change, we give you the choice between four levels of care packages. You also have the option of requesting other additional services should you need them and the opportunity to see our house physician, who visits the facility bi-weekly and has a close working relationship with the healthcare staff and management.

“Mom has told the family numerous times that she is very happy at Queens. Mom fell and cut her arm badly and Queens handled all the necessary cleaning and bandaging. As a family we are at rest knowing that our mother is well cared for.”

— Dee Mc., daughter of former resident

“Independent life- with medical and social amenities readily available PLUS: Warm & supportive staff! Terrific kitchen & pantry! Cupboards galore! All “PLUSSES” unique to Queens Ave Retirement Residence!! ”

— Joyanne P., daughter of former resident

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Frequently Asked Questions

Assisted living services generally refer to a continuum of care that include a combination of housing, health care and personal care services.

Residents within an independent living community are typically able to perform everyday tasks, such as preparing meals, washing clothes or cleaning their home, etc. while residents who are unable to perform some of these daily tasks themselves are supported through assisted living services.

Assisted living services provide mental and physical well being for our loved ones who conclude that living at home is no longer the best option and know they need some extra help to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. The average care cost of assisted living services in Oakville is around $4,000+ a month.

The best way to get assisted living services for your parents is to contact a retirement residence and book a tour. The assisted living program at Queens Avenue Retirement Residence is dedicated to promoting mental and physical well being and taking the stress out of your health maintenance. An assessment for each individual is done to determine specific needs.

Talking to your parents about using assisted living services can be challenging. You can start by communicating with them and letting them know the reasons you think it would enrich their lives. You can also take them on tours, it’s important to keep in mind that it is their decision to make. When your parents tour Queens Avenue Retirement Residence, we hope they see how much we do to help enrich their lives. It is our passion.

In general, you or your loved one will require help with daily living and personal care and would be at risk without that help. We encourage you to contact us to find out more.