The Benefits Of A Retirement Community

Did you know that when you choose to live in an assisted living facility, you’re choosing more than a place to live? You’re choosing a place to call home for the rest of your life.

The full-service retirement community you choose to make your home will not only affect where you eat and sleep, but it will also have an impact on your social circle, your recreational schedule and your quality of life.

Rated one of the best luxury retirement communities, Queens Avenue Retirement Residence is passionate about retirement living in Oakville, with a goal to help seniors lead better, more fulfilled lives.

Here are just a few of the benefits we at Queens Avenue Retirement Residence provide to Oakville seniors while they live in our assisted living facility:

Having Fun While Staying Active

Retirement living in Oakville shouldn’t mean sitting at home. We are here to connect you with your favourite hobbies and pastimes while introducing you to new friends and helping you stay active. Here are just a few ways we do that:

  • Fitness classes.
  • Special events including movie nights and happy hours.
  • Social and activity clubs such as bridge group, knitting club, and walking group.
  • Day trips and theme nights.
  • Seasonal holiday parties.
  • Community visitors such as Oakville Museum, local musicians and more!

Dining Experience

As one of the best retirement communities, we are dedicated to promoting balance in the lives of our seniors, and we believe that there is no better place to apply the concept of balance than in our dining services. Here are just a few ways we do that:

  • Providing a variety of nutritionally balanced meals that suit your preferences
  • Serving up home-style chef dishes made from fresh, local ingredients!
  • An enjoyable dining experience in the company of great friends in our elegant dining room.

Top-Quality Healthcare

As a full-service retirement community, it is important to us that we offer our Oakville seniors nothing but the best quality healthcare service for their needs. We take the stress out of retirement living in Oakville through our comprehensive health maintenance and care services which include:

  • Assistance in coordinating additional medical and placement services.
  • Emergency response pendants.
  • Resident status checks.
  • Semi-annual care plan assessments.
  • Coordination of visiting specialists.

Queens Avenue Retirement Residence: Retirement Living In Oakville

More than just a full-service retirement community, Queens Avenue Retirement Residence is dedicated to offering you balanced retirement living in Oakville. We pride ourselves on creating a strong sense of community both within our building, through our programs and services, and into the greater Oakville community. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our balanced-focus approach to retirement living and request an information package on Queens Avenue, book a personal tour, or inquire about a respite stay.

How To Talk To Your Parents About Senior Living

Are you currently dreading the idea of having “the talk” with your parents regarding senior assisted living? Well, you’re not alone. Most caregivers worry about bringing up this discussion with their parents.

So, how do you bring up the idea of assisted retirement homes for them? Here are just a few tips:

Before The Conversation

Do your homework. Before you initiate the conversation about housing options for older adults, prepare yourself:

  • Create a list of your concerns for your aging parent. For example: Is their home no longer a safe environment for them? Do they keep making mistakes when taking medication on their own?
  • Educate yourself on assisted retirement homes options out there. As you learn more about senior assisted living options, you’ll get ideas about what will fit your parent best.
  • Learn how important the environment is for seniors. Location and environment influence everything from physical safety to mental health to longevity.

During The Conversation

Once you have done your research regarding the type of independent retirement communities that might be a fit, it’s time to have the conversation with your parents using these tips:

  • Talk in person – not by phone, text, or e-mail. Pick a day when you and your parent are well-rested and relaxed. Block out a time and a location where you can talk without interruption.
  • Empathy, not sympathy. No parent wants their child to feel sorry for them, but if you can come from a place of empathy, your parents will be much more receptive to the conversation.
  • Don’t rush into deciding. While you may be ready to move ahead, your parents might still need time to think things through.

After The Conversation

Having the conversation can be hard, but you should be happy you have now taken the first steps forward. Here are some tips for after the conversation:

  • Be prepared to have more than just one conversation together regarding independent retirement community options. Understand that this is a process.
  • Be careful of information overload during other conversations you may have together down the road, regarding housing options for older adults. Sharing a little basic information upfront can be helpful but overloading the conversation with research and statistics is overwhelming.
  • If they are open to it, feel free to share your research with them. Pull up the websites of assisted retirement homes, such as Queens Avenue Retirement Residence, that you feel would best suit their needs.

Queens Avenue Retirement Residence: Helping Oakville Seniors Lead Better, More Fulfilled Lives

Are you or your loved one considering relocating to an independent retirement community? Then consider Queens Avenue Retirement Residence for your new home. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our balanced-focus approach to retirement living and request an information package on Queens Avenue, book a personal tour, or inquire about a respite stay.