The Importance of an Active Lifestyle After Retirement

Lifestyle After Retirement

As you enjoy yourself in your retirement residence in Oakville, it’s crucial to get up and do what you can to enrich your life and keep moving. That’s why Queens Avenue Retirement Residence does its utmost to provide plentiful opportunities for the members of our senior living community in Oakville to get up and go do things that make them happy.

What Is an “Active Lifestyle”?

                Simply put, it’s when you participate in various physical activities through your day as opposed to remaining sedentary for most of the day. During the age of social distancing, it’s a little more difficult to lead an active lifestyle. Not all of these will work currently when we all need to do our part to keep others safe, but some activities we suggest for those living in retirement residences in Oakville are:

  • Nature walks or walks around town
  • Swimming or water aerobics
  • Biking
  • Dancing to music
  • Gardening
  • Light exercise
  • Some active video games like Wii Bowling and Just Dance

You may ask yourself what might be considered a “sedentary” activity if you’re trying to avoid too much of that. Some sedentary activities that you may do on a daily basis includes:

  • Watching T.V.
  • Using the computer
  • Reading
  • Knitting

There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of this, though. The problem is when you do too much of it. In fact, you can make all these activities more active simply by getting up while you do them. If you’re trying to be less sedentary, you could see about moving a standing desk into your suite in your retirement residence in Oakville. With a standing desk almost all of the above activities go from sedentary to active!

What Can an Active Lifestyle Do for You?

While there are more specific advantages to having an active lifestyle during your senior living in Oakville, we can’t overemphasize the general quality of life improvement that it has. Some more specific benefits include:

  • Preventing heart disease
  • Decreasing risk of falls
  • Producing endorphins that help relieve stress
  • Preventing diabetes
  • Connecting with the community around you
  • Improving cognitive ability
  • Increasing strength
  • Maintaining or increasing bone density

How Does Queens Avenue Retirement Residence Support an Active Lifestyle?

                Our retirement residence in Oakville has a robust activities program that includes such active programming as fitness classes, day trips, gardening club, Wii Bowling tournaments and more. If you’re interested in learning more about what we have to offer or in seeing our retirement residence, take a look at our virtual tour or contact us.