Warm Up Someone’s Fall: Great Ways to Stay in Touch with Loved Ones

Lady Connecting With Her Loved Ones

Going from one season to another, we see the many changes it brings in Oakville, ON. We find the leaves going from green to gold until they fall on the ground. Temperatures go up and down, too. One change we can sometimes anticipate is our mood.

Fall is a time when some people find it more challenging
to keep a lighter mood. The days are shorter, and the outdoors less bright. Some
people may experience sadder moods and lower energy levels. (zolpidem venda online)

One reason for this could be reduced sunlight. This lessens our body’s ability to produce serotonin, the critical hormone that keeps us feeling happy and bright. We also produce higher levels of melatonin during falls, which makes us sleepier and sometimes feel down.

Staying In Touch for Brighter Days at Senior Living Communities

There are plenty of ways to lift our spirits during the fall season in senior retirement communities. Active seniors love going for a walk outdoors to see the changing colors of nature. It is also a time to enjoy the cool temperatures and bake or enjoy some fall treats.

We have a secret to one thing that will bring a lot of
good energy: keeping connected with people you love! Staying in touch with your
loved ones this fall has a lot of benefits. This can brighten your mood and
keep you healthier and more active.

Keeping Connected at Senior Retirement Communities

Here are ways to stay in touch with your loved ones this

  1. Schedule video chats

There are plenty of easy-to-use options for video chatting. With just a few clicks or a voice command, you can easily see your family or friends online.

2. Make fall-themed holiday cards to send out to your loved ones

Fall is a great time to send out holiday cards to your loved ones. Stay in touch through a hand-written card or letter to send out to your friends and family.

3. Give social media a try

Did you know that as of July
2021, more
than 20% of Facebook users in Canada
are over the age of 55? More and more
active seniors are using social media as a way to connect.

It is also one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with your loved ones, view their photos, and see what they’re up to. If you’re just getting started, the friendly staff at your senior living community can help!

4. The ever-reliable phone call.

A good old-fashioned phone call is
always an easy and reliable way to stay in touch! Your loved ones are always
just a phone call away.

Stay Happy & Thriving in Oakville, ON

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We always find ways to keep our residents happy. Whether
it’s through our programs or creating opportunities for them to connect with
their loved ones.

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